Build Commissions

Full build service offerings from part selection to different configuration testing on every board. Whether you're a beginner with no idea where to begin, a hotswap aficionado who wants to try a plateless build, or a seasoned veteran with no time on your hands, we can make your entire build process the easiest it has ever been, and at the lowest price conventionally offered.



($-10 for hotswap builds)

Full build walkthrough (including parts selection and purchasing of parts)

$15 - 70 Keys and Under

$20 - 70 Keys and Above

Parts provided (parts are provided by you directly)

$10 - 70 Keys and Under

$15 - 70 Keys and Above



Mill-maxing is also an option for people who would like to transform their solder pcb into hotswap! Sockets provided by customer unless stated otherwise in form.

$0.40 per switch, 2 Mill-max sockets per switch. 


Included in build fee:

(applies to any of the options above)

- PCB testing

- Stabiliser modding and installation (Includes modification of your choice, such as holee mod, if desired)

- Construction of the plate assembly, including switch installation to the layout of your choice

- Case modifications if requested (O-ring burger mount, Case foam, Tempest mod)

- Reassembly and keycap installation (if required)

- Testing of different board configurations (if possible) and provided sound tests for each, final configuration is chosen by you. 

- Final sound test for you to show off



Switch lubing and filming is not included in the build fee, but includes a 5c per switch discount if bundled with any of our switch modification services. Materials required for modifications requested is not included in the build fee. Shipping is not included, and can fluctuate depending on the size and weight of the board.  Please allow a week for the full build to be completed. 



( to the form used for a personalized purchase process. Once filled out, we will reach out through the email provided in the form for more information. We assure the final keyboard is tailored specifically for your preferences. Once we reach a final consensus, payment will be issued in the form of a paypal business invoice with a full price breakdown.