Switch Lubing Service

Along with our build commissions, we also offer switch lubing and filming services, providing the best possible results without sacrificing hours of your time. Our team has experience lubing over ~4000 switches and are confident in our craft. And, in theme with our Build Services, our switch modding service is one of the most affordable options you will find. 



(Lubed and Filmed)

$0.35 per switch for tub lubed stems

$0.40 per switch for fully brush lubed

Each switch will be personally tested for operation and optimal performance. 

both options can be done with lube of your choice (conventionally available) and have a decrease of $0.05 per switch if filming is not necessary. Keep in mind that most switches heavily benefit from them. If you're interested in whether your switch needs them, feel free to reach out through our contact page :). 


Spring-Swapping and Frankenswitching

For an extra $0.05 per switch, we offer spring swapping and frankenswitching. Please provide all parts needed and check compatibility before purchase. Provide recipe in "Additional Notes" section of form. 



Special requests can be done through the "Notes" section of our form. Please allow a few days for your order to be fulfilled, especially for large orders. Return shipping is not included, and will be added to the original invoice. (100 switches and under use First Class, 100 switches and above use Priority due to shipping box size.)  Resulting smoothness differs between different switches. 



NOTE: Switch lubing is currently only open to those also commissioning a build. Individual switch lubing requests are currently closed. 

(https://forms.gle/t8Y7MRnDtn91Zs3ZA) - form used for purchase process. Once filled out, we will email you at the address provided in the form with a paypal business invoice, as well as a full price breakdown and further clarification if needed. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out through our contact page.