JWICK Switch Extras

JWICK Switch Extras

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The long awaited extras are here!

Extras of a limited run of an amazing switch at an amazing price- The JWICK linear series Using the exact same mold as other JWKs at a fraction of the price, the JWICK is the perfect budget, midrange and high end linear for your next build.

Featuring unparalleled stock smoothness thanks to a light oil prelube, these have little to no difference to hand lubed, and housing wobble is well controlled by the JWK housings, although they do benefit from films.

There are 2 variants of these switches available: Jwick Reds @ 55g Jwick Yellows @62g Both variants of these switches are linear.


  • Polycarbonate Top Housing, Clear
  • PA66 Nylon Bottom Housing, Milky
  • POM stem, pre-lubed with oil, Color Matched